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In memoriam - Melanie Molle

by SofS Staff - August 10, 2008

We bid farewell to a longtime friend of the program

Melanie helps Stories of Service California co-chair Peter Radonich (far left) assist a fellow survivor of the Battle of Okinawa prepare the script for his story.

All too often, in Stories of Service we must say farewell to our friends, particularly as the World War II generation fades into twilight.  However, sometimes we lose other friends, who pass away before their time.

Melanie Molle passed away last week after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  Melanie was a longtime supporter of the program and mother of Nick, our Silicon Valley technical chief. 

Through her support of Nick and her own efforts to promote Stories of Service, Melanie made an immeasurable contribution to our work. She will be dearly missed.

Two of our Silicon Valley colleagues offer their memories of Melanie:

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Warren Hegg
National Program Supervisor

I remember the countless hours of selfless volunteer time that Melanie dedicated to the Silicon Valley Digital Clubhouse, and her devotion to her son, Nick, who has become such an essential part of all that we do.

I remember when we first met during one of our Stories of Service workshops at the Berryessa Community Center several years ago.  Melanie dropped by the see what we were up to, and immediately embraced the program with unrivaled passion and commitment that only grew stronger through the years.

Melanie and Nick at the first Tribute to Service to honor troops killed in Iraq at the Montgomery Theatre on Veterans Day 2005.

She introduced Nick to the program who immediately plunged in and produced an excellent story for a woman who wanted to honor the memory of a brave young man from her community who lost his life defending a merchant marine ship during WWII. 

Melanie was always there for Nick, and for us, shuttling him to every activity, function and event, always ready to help out in whatever way she could, encouraging the vets, talking about the program to virtually everyone she met, and always, always making sure that Nick was at the center of things.

It is often said that behind every great man is a great woman--usually his mother.  This was certainly the case with Nick and his Mom, Melanie.  Even when her cancer began to sap her strength and her energy was ebbing away, she continued to do everything she could to support him--and through him, us.

It is unlikely that we can ever fully repay the debt we owe this fine woman for all that she did and tried to do for our organization.  She never asked for anything other than to be kept informed of what was the latest challenge, and how she and Nick could be part of the solution. 

Perhaps the best we can do is to urge Nick to consider doing a special digital story about his Mom, that will help us all remember her in the years to come, and to share with others who need to be reminded from time about what commitment and caring is all about.  

While we will miss you, Melanie, be assured that you will always be in our thoughts and that your legacy of service will live on in the work that you did so much to support and sustain.


Robert Corpus
National Youth Director

Melanie (in pink) and the Stories of Service team at a training session for California history teachers

Melanie and Nick both joined the Stories of Service program back in 2003 as a mother and son hit team. She was a mentor's mentor and helped on over 25 of Nick's digital stories.

Melanie was dedicated like no one else, always volunteering to be lead community liaison. I remember last year, she visited nearly every senior center in the City of San Jose to inform them about the August Spirit of '45 event.

Personally, I will miss her hospitality. Nick and I joined the program at the same time in late 2003, and since then I have logged many hours at the Molle's house, working with Nick on many project way into the early morning hours. She never failed to offer me a snack or minded me staying over. We joked that I spent more time at their house than my own.

Melanie will be missed by all.


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