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The Korean War was a landmark in our history as a nation and society -- the first conflict in which our troops served in truly integrated unites for the very first time.

More stories from Korea will be coming soon, as we remember this "Forgotten War".

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From Private to Preacher

Reverend Steve King, Jr. serves in one of the first integrated combat units

Korean War; U.S. Marine Corps

"I saw men, black and white, drink from the same canteen "

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His Story

World War II; Korean War; U.S. Navy; U.S. Air Force/Air Corps

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Influx of Casualties

Tony recounts his surgical assistant experiences aboard naval hospital ships.

Korean War; U.S. Navy

"I felt that I was doing a very important job. I knew I had helped with the saving of lives."

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A Korean War Story

Joe remembers the challenges that he had to overcome with each day of his service and the uncerta

Korean War; U.S. Army

"Perhaps, by telling my story, I can inspire people to remember these fine young men..."

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Navy Cadet to Army Doctor

Monte serves as a doctor running hospital trains in Korea

World War II; Korean War; U.S. Army; U.S. Navy

"The North Korean and Chinese planes would use the Red Crosses for target practice"

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No Marine Left Behind

Denny recalls his service in Korea

Korean War; U.S. Marine Corps

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A Note From My Mother

World War II; Korean War; U.S. Army

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Overcoming Obstacles

Elizabeth faces two sets of obstacles in her quest to serve her country

World War II; Korean War; U.S. Army

"I knew I could become anything I set my mind to -- and I did!"

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A Sailor and His Ship

World War II; Korean War; U.S. Navy

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