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Join this exciting project and help make sure that the memory of those who gave so much to keep our country free is never forgotten

by Edith Shain - July 4, 2008

A statement of support from Edith Shain, the nurse in the famous "VJ-Day" kiss photo

Edith Shain, August 1945

My name is Edith Shain.

You might recognize me as the young nurse in the famous photograph taken in New York’s Times Square on the day World War II ended.

That was more than 60 years ago, but I still remember how our whole country rejoiced atthe news that the war was over and the world was finally at peace.

Everyone in America was touched by the events of World War II, and everyone felt that they should do something to help. Some served in uniform, and even more of us tried to do what we could to help by serving on the home front to support our boys overseas.

America was a very different place back then. We had a strong sense of community and felt responsible for one another.

Together, we not only won the war, but when it wasover we helped to rebuild our shattered world.

Today, our generation is rapidly fading away, and our first hand memories of America’s greatest achievements of the past century are in danger of being lost forever…

Edith and Robert Corpus, our National Youth Program Leader

But thanks to a wonderful program called Stories of Service, you can help preserve an important part of our nation’s - and the world’s - history.

Stories of Service is a non-profit program that is mobilizing young people acrossAmerica to use computers to help members of our “greatest generation”create short videos about their personal experiences.

These videos are shared at public events, museums, schools, libraries and with people around the world on the Internet to educate and inspire future generations.

I hope you will join this exciting project and do what you can to help make sure that the memory of those who gave so much to keep our country free is never forgotten.

Thank you!

* * * * *

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Edith and actor Ernest Borgnine at
his home

Edith and actor Joe Mantegna in Washington, D.C.

Edith and Miss America Kirsten Haglund

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