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"We bonded thru this effort, and learned we do not walk this journey alone"

by Diane Layfield - April 3, 2006

A letter from Diane Layfield, mother of Travis Layfield, lost in service on April 6, 2004

April 6, 2004 is a day that will be embedded in my Heart, and Mind, for the rest of my days here on earth. That is the day my Precious Son LCPL Travis Layfield, paid the ultimate sacrifice, with his life.

Time has not healed any of my severe pain, but I have learned  to live, with only the memories of my son.

Last August I came to know an amazing group of young people, and Warren Hegg and Mel Locke, who developed the Digital Clubhouse.  I was among 7 families that were asked to do stories of our sons' service.

As hard as it was, to relive the memories good ,and bad, I was able to unfold a short story of Travis'  life in 5 minutes. It was very powerful process that helped with my healing. The love and support, from all who were involved was amazing, especially the other 6 families, as we bonded thru this effort, and learned we do not walk this journey alone.

On April 6th,  I would appreciate it if you could pause for a moment of silence, maybe say a prayer in honor of Travis and the nine other Marines and the Navy medic  who all perished together in a horrible ambush in Al Anbar Province Iraq.

With the Digital Clubhouse's dedication, and the Stories of Service project, our sons will Never be Forgotten. They have helped us preserve their stories in history.

Diane Layfield

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